Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Boutique: A Success!!

Hey hey everyone!
I just got back a few hours ago from my first boutique visit in Raleigh on this business trip and I am proud to say it was a success! We managed to negotiate a home for 28 pieces!!! TWENTY-EIGHT! I am beyond excited! The store is SO cool... it's called Get Dressed in Raleigh, NC. Some is consignment, and others are 6-month or longer vendors, and still others are the sel
lers of vintage clothes/shoes. The whole store consists of very etsy-ish stuff. Lots of soldered jewelry, upcycled jewelry, and vintage stuff. The clothing though is out of this world! There is a TON of bohemian, hippie-looking shirts... haha, MY TYPE OF THING!

But yeah, I was surprised that the pieces they were most interested in were my upcycled and recycled jewelry and my hemp jewelry! Who knew? I have always enjoyed those 2 lines the most out of all of my creations, so I can't wait to get home and start on more to bring in! Being creative, saving the planet, and making other people happy... what's better than that?

Tomorrow is another busy day... visits in the morning, flying back to ATL in the evening, and then spending all night getting set up for my big art market this weekend! 

....... not too sure when sleep is going to fit in there, though.

I'm just so excited to finally start seeing some success. It really helps to hear those compliments, to have people ask to buy your stuff, and to hear all the uplifting comments people give like hearts on your items and compliments in the forums or over the phone. It makes getting up in the morning so much easier when you know people are looking forward to your next move. So THANK YOU to each and every person that has helped support me and my work! Readers, that means you! THANKS!!!!

Peace & Love,

p.s. To make things even better... guess who was in downtown Raleigh about 1 mile from me? PRESIDENT OBAMA! How cool is that?


  1. Katie I kinda need your address to ship your prize doll.
    Haha, email me.

  2. Congratulations on the boutique!

    As to the question you asked about how to get featured in the beading magazines -- just send photos to the editors! They'll let you know if they like or not, and just keep sending them in!