Monday, August 3, 2009

New Start!

Hey hey!

I just wanna say thanks again to all of you who read and comment! It makes it a lot easier knowing somebody is listening, haha.

Well this weekend was great, but sooooo long. Art fairs are one of my favorite things in the world because you actually get to see real live people's reactions to your work, which is always motivating AND it lets me know which of my things draw the most attention. The only downside is that now I am soo tired and everything is packed up again, which means I have to unpack in order to start creating.

I realized that I only have 3 weeks until I go back to start my final year of school at the University of the South. WOW, these 4 years went fast! It motivates me even more to get Katie's Basement up and running so I can have something to turn my sights to after college. It's going to be near impossible to juggle senior year work with all this, but something that I feel like I really need to do. We'll see how it goes! I believe.

I'm all filled up until then though... A few more business trips to surrounding boutiques, a visit to Athens, GA to see my friends one last time before school, and all that packing I have to do... 

But yes, I hope everyone had a great Monday! And I hope y'all have the best week ever!

peace and love,


  1. oooh i just love your blog! good luck with school and packing!!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I feel like I've been slackin' on my blog lately so it is encouraging. :) And thanks for the dready compliment. :D